All hail the griddlemaster. Hungry Jack® mixes and syrups are redefining the rules of breakfast. This is Saturday morning the way you want it - with a hearty meal that satisfies, topped with the only syrup in a microwaveable bottle* with an easy-pour cap that lets the sweetness flow.

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* Among leading national brands

“No one wants a taste of their own medicine.

Unless that medicine is pancakes.”

“Slow and steady wins the race.

Especially if that race is eating pancakes.”

“Why eat tomorrow what you can eat today?”

“A cleaned plate is a happy plate.”

“A pancake saved is a pancake eaten later.”

“Flapjack while the iron’s hot.”

“It takes two to tango.

It takes one to make pancakes.”

“Ask not what your pancakes can do for you, ask what warm syrup can do for your pancakes.”

“The early bird gets the flapjack.”

“Patience is a virtue… that you don’t need when you have microwaveable syrup.”

“Give a man pancakes and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to make pancakes and he feeds his family for a lifetime.”

“A pancake is worth a thousand words.”

“Keep your friends close and your pancakes closer.”

“One on the plate is worth two on the griddle.”

“Pancakes make the heart grow stronger.”

“Every pancake has a golden lining.”

“The greatest gift of all is love. And pancakes.”

“Cold hands, warm pancakes.”

“If you love a pancake, let it go.

If it comes back to you, eat it.”

“Actions speak louder than words.

Pancakes speak louder than actions.”


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Warm It Up.
Pour It On.

Cover your 'cakes with the only syrup that comes in a microwaveable bottle* with an easy-pour cap. We just said a mouthful.

* Among leading national brands

It's Time todo PANCAKES.

Whether you're a seasoned griddlemaster or prone to griddle disasters, we have some pancake recipes, tips, and wisdom for you.

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